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Mad rush to loot cash as mentally-sick Bihar youth throws Rs One million into river


PATNA: Crowds of villagers scrambled to lay their hands on piles of cash in Bihar after a mentally-sick businessman threw a bagful of hard currency notes in a local river yesterday.

The bizarre incident took place at a confluence of local rives in Jehanabad town, a little about 40 km south of Patna, on Sunday.

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Reports said the sick youth identified as Ranjay Kumar reached the river bank with a bag containing Rs One Million and began throwing bundles of cash into shallow river, triggering mad rush among the local villagers, mostly youths, to loot the money.

“Take it…this is your money,” the villagers quoted the youth having said so before returning from the site after throwing the cash among the crowd.

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Reports said by the time police could reach the spot, majority of the villagers had already left the scene hiding cash inside their clothes. The police could barely recover Rs 15,000 from the villagers.

Victim’s brother Sanjay Kumar Gupta has registered a case with the local police where unidentified persons have been made accused.

“The complainant told us that his brother is not mentally fit and hence he threw the cash into the river,” a local police official Gajendra Kumar told newsmen today adding he was conducting raids to recover the cash.

Reports said the youth lost his mental balance after losing money in gamble.

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