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Look who are seeking career in Sanskrit-the Muslim Girls!


PATNA: This is really a very fascinating story about India’s ancient language now slowly fading into oblivion?

Believe it or not, Sanskrit also known as the “language of Gods”, is fast attracting a new group of language lovers—the Muslims!

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One will be pleasantly surprised to know that majority of the students admitted to a local Sri Radha Krishna Sanskrit High School are Muslim girls. The school is located at Bathnakuti village under Kuchaykot block in Gopalganj district which shares borders with Uttar Pradesh.

[/media-credit] Muslim girls in deep study at the Sanskrit High School

School authorities said of the total 116 students who will be appearing at the Madhaya examination (equivalent to matriculation) this year, 86 are Muslim girls! These Muslim girls with their heads covered with scarves not only attend regular classes but also have memorized quite many slokas, prayers and poems in Sanskrit giving typical impression of a typical Sanskrit scholar well versed in the language of the prime scriptures of Sanatan Dharma.

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What is peculiar about this school is that although it is meant for both boys and girls, most of the students enrolled in the school are girls. Again, majority of the girl students are from the Muslim community.

“I have chosen Sanskrit as I see a bright career ahead in this language. I want to become a teacher,” said Shabnam Khatoon, a class 10 student.

Who encouraged her to get admission in this school? “My parents advised me to study Sanskrit saying there are lots of opportunities in this language as only few people now opt for this language leading to scarcity of qualified persons,” she explained.

Another girl Ashia Khatoon who is enrolled in class eight, too, wants to be a teacher. “My Abba said there is a bright future in Sanskrit, and got me admitted at this school,” she explained. Prior to being admitted in this school, she was studying in a local Madarsa.

The school administration is only too happy to see the growing craze of the Muslim students for Sanskrit. “We are surprised to see the sudden liking of the Muslim students for this ancient language given the fact that Hindu students are fast losing interest in it,” remarked Purushottam Pandey, a teacher at this school which is running since 1931. According to him, of the total about 200 students enrolled in this school, roughly around 20-25 are boys whereas as the rest are girls, majority of them from the Muslim community.

Image Caption: Muslims girls with their heads covered with scarves engrossed in deep study at the Sri Radha Krishna Sanskrit High School, Gopalganj

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