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Liquor ban results in decrease of lever patients by 90 percent in Bihar: Experts


PATNA: Liquor ban in Bihar has resulted in sharp fall in number of patients with liver-related problems, according to doctors.

Doctors say prior to liquor ban, Bihar was reporting alarming number of lever-related problems. Quite many had their lever totally damaged owing to heavy consumption of liquor.

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“But post liquor ban, the number of lever patients have fallen by 90 percent,” revealed Dr Ravi Kumar Raman of Nalanda Medical College and Hospital, Patna while speaking at a function organized on “World Lever Day” on Wednesday.

Another senior health expert, Dr Vimal Kumar too made similar observations. “The number of lever patients has registered a sharp fall post liquor ban in the state,” he added. Dr Kumar is MD, medicine and gastroenterologist.

Bihar enforced total ban on sale, consumption and manufacture of liquor in April last year under pressures from women organization, demanding liquor ban.

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