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The 1960s decade earned it with sex, drugs, rock and more. Being single was considered immoral. “The Pill” became famous. Very few women studied and worked. Public sector companies were of prominence. The Lounge became the TV Set and Radio. Discipline in the family became less. All this led to a lifestyle which turned into advanced around leisure.

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Bloomer Muscle motors and Fashion were stylish demands. Women loved- huge beads, dangly earrings, disco outfits, big boots, long hair and Men- moustaches, long hair, colourful suits. Many convenience foods were new. The microwave came out in 1967 so many people had been starting to make meals in their microwave oven. The language of the 70’s was absolutely unique. Everyone was healthy and no sicknesses. Interior design was boring. The colours were bland. College education was affordable just about everywhere.


The Car craze was the same without gadgets. Price of gasoline became a big deal. Billionaires had been extraordinarily rare. People started speaking about Silicon Valley. Japan was booming. Movies were lots like they’re now. Interest fees had been high. Racism and bigotry had been generally even worse. So did ladies within the workplace, and all of us out of doors the heterosexual norm. AIDs and HIV had been beginning to spread however no person knew it. Personal computers simply started.


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For Millennials it was a nostalgic time. The digital cellular cell phone became available. It influenced lifestyles greatly due to the new improvements in science and technology, the introduction of recent jobs, and the brand-new traits of the decade. Science and era were taking new forms in India and people were very excited about it whereas the foreign countries appeared to it with scepticism. The ratio of rich and terrible was extended. The Khans throbbed everyone’s heart.


The 2000s gave a worthy fight and proved itself to be frontrunners within the race to grow to be the superior decade. Access to technology and advances began. The connections made possible via social networks, electronic mail and textual content messaging. Music appreciators, film enthusiasts, billiard fanatics, clubs, athletes, gamers and book worms started. The 2000s brought modern society with an unforgettably diverse, collaborative and advanced ten years.


The touch and taste of the 2010s changed into an always moving, continually faster, however torn this way and that way, pushed forward, and pulled lower back under. Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram hit the total market. It was full of terrorism, and war which you could barely do not forget what time it changed into.


LGBT have become a reality. Drugs and intoxication have increased. The patriarchal society is taking shape with an increase for bloggers. Facebook, Google and Microsoft have become media conglomerates. Remakes in Bollywood are increasing. It is a generation of wonderful injustice and protests. PM Modi made drastic changes in India which had some effects like NRC, CAA, GST, demonetization and many more.

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