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Law Minister: ‘Triple talaq’ can’t be justified under Constitutional provisions


Amid vehement protests by various Muslim bodies over government’s stand on “triple talaq”, the Narendra Modi government has announced not to change its position on the issue, citing the issue of gender equality and dignity of women in India.

“This is a well thought-out and considered view of the government in pursuit of gender equality and dignity of women,” Indian law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told English daily Hindustan Times today.

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Prasad says the practice of ‘triple talaq’ can’t be justified under the constitutional provisions saying gender justice, non-discrimination and dignity of woman are fundamentals of Constitutional values.

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“Article 14 of the Constitution talks about right to equality, Article 15 says there shall be no discrimination on the ground of sex, Article 21 guarantees right to live with dignity and Article 15 (3) enables the state to make special provision for women and children. Against these principles, triple talaq cannot be justified,” the law minister said in his interview to the paper.

Stating a big group of women can’t be allowed to suffer in a  secular country like India, the minister said several Islamic countries such as Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Iran and even Pakistan have already made certain changes to regulate ‘triple talaq’ adding, just “Every discriminatory practice cannot be held integral to faith”.

“The makers of India (Constitution) had said India won’t be a theocratic state…It was said the state will have no religion. Freedom of religion and right to faith will be respected. Faith and practices are different. Every discriminatory practice cannot be held integral to faith,” the minister explained in his interview.

Last week, the Modi government had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court opposing the practice of ‘triple talaq’ and polygamy.

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