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In the ‘land of faiths’, 33,000 Indians do not believe in the existence of God!


India has been home to many religions for centuries yet quite few people just don’t believe in the existence of God!

The stunning revelation came to light following release of 2011 census data. It was released earlier this week.

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As per the report published in the Hindustan Times, about 33,000 people in India don’t have faith in any religion.

Of the total “atheists”, a majority of 9,652 reside in Maharashtra, followed by 9,089 in Meghalaya, 4,896 in Kerala, 784 in West Bengal and 541 in Delhi.

Reports further stated that about half of the “atheists” are woman and majority of them live in rural areas.

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The HT report further stated some 2.9 million people did not reveal their religious identity or confused it with other identities.

“What can I tell you is that there were quite a few people including dignitaries holding top posts in the government who didn’t record their religion in the census,” an unmanned census official was quoted as saying the HT.

Strangely, India has been home to many religions. Of them, Hinduism is regarded as the world’s oldest organized religion.

The faith of more than 80 percent people in India is Hinduism whereas Islam is practiced by around 13 percent of all Indian, as per a report.

Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are also Indian-born religious systems.

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