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Karnataka the most corrupt state in India, Bihar under Nitish Kumar improves its image


PATNA: Bihar was once infamous for corruption nut now the southern Indian state of Karnataka has emerged as the “most corrupt” state in the country, as per the latest report of the Centre for Media Studies.

The survey titled “CMS India Corruption Study 2017” was released on Thursday. The survey covered 20 states in its study.

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As per the report, Karnataka with 77 percent of respondents claiming they faced corruption remains on the top of the Indian states facing corruption.

Karnataka is closely followed by Andhra Pradesh (74 percent), Tamil Nadu (68 percent), Maharashtra (57 percent), J&K (44 percent) and Punjab (42 percent).

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The survey also states that Himachal Pradesh (three percent), Kerala (four percent) and Chhattisgarh (13 percent) are the least corrupt states.

Bihar has also improved its image in matter of corruption with only 26 people claiming they paid bribes for public services.

This is indeed a bigger achievement for Bihar which was identified as the most corrupt state in 2005—the year when Nitish Kumar took control for the state from Lalu Prasad’s RJD. The level of corruption was 74 percent in 2005.

Kumar after clinching power in Bihar has launched a massive crackdown on corruption and legislated a harsh law which allows the government to confiscate the property of corrupt officials.

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