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Kapil Mishra’s remark has nothing to do with Delhi riots, says Rajnath Singh



NEW DELHI—Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has defended BJP leader Kapil Mishra whose alleged inflammatory statements are said to have triggered Delhi riots killing more than 50 people.

“His remark has nothing to do with riots. He’d only said we will come out on the streets if the roads are blocked. This could mean dharna, demonstration, which is a democratic right,” Singh told Rajat Sharma’s show ‘Aap Ki Adalat‘ to be telecast tonight on India TV.

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However, Rajnath Singh disapproved of the remark by his cabinet colleague Anurag Thakur who raised slogan of ‘Desh Ke Gaddaron Ko, Goli Maron Saalon Ko’.

“I do not agree with this slogan. Often it so happens that the leader shouts the first part of the slogan from the dais, and people below may have used the objectionable second part. In such a situation, a leader should have corrected himself and set things right, which he did not,” Singh said

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Singh also does not agree with Delhi BJP MP Pravesh Verma’s inflammatory speech against Muslims during the elections. “Personally, I do not support such remarks.”

On a large section of international media reporting about insecurity among Indian Muslims, Rajnath Singh said: “As the senior most member of the cabinet, and having worked for a long time with Narendra Modi, I can say that our Prime Minister’s thinking has never been communal. During the Gujarat riots, the media tried to tarnish his image and he had to endure a lot of calumny”.

The defence Minister said India would get delivery of Rafale fighter jets from France by the end of May this year.

His assertion comes in the wake of reports in a section of media that Coronavirus scare may hit delivery schedule of four Rafale jets which were expected in May this year. The four Rafale jets will be inducted in the Indian Air Force at its station in Ambala.

Singh revealed how he told the pilot taking him in a Rafale jet in France last year to fly at supersonic speed. “I asked the pilot, at what speed are you flying? He replied, at 850-900 km per hour. I asked, can you fly at supersonic speed? He replied, Yes Sir. I told him, Don’t worry, go ahead at supersonic speed. The pilot replied: I am proud of you, Sir.”

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