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Jharkhand family holds blood donation camp at daughter’s wedding



PATNA—A family which lost its head to deadly COVID-19 organized a blood donation camp during the wedding of their daughter to convey the message in the society that “Raktdaan” (blood donation) is as sacred as “Kanyadaan” (giving away the daughter).

Snigdha Dube who hails from Ranchi town in India’s Jharkhand state had lost her father Vijay Kumar Dube during the COVID-19 period after failing to arrange blood for the victim despite their all efforts.

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The hapless family exploited all contacts, offered fanciful price for the blood and reached to the social media to save the head but failed.  This, however, proved to be an eye-opener for the family in distress.

During the pre-wedding ceremony organized in the weekend, the family organized a blood donation camp so as to help the people in urgent need of blood.

Witnesses said the wedding guests were pleasantly surprised when they found a blood donation camp organized at the wedding venue and medical staffs ready to collect blood. A total of 15 units of bloods collected at the special camp were donated to the local government hospital.

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“I lost my husband during the COVID-19 time as we failed to arrange for blood for him despite all efforts. But now wants nobody dies for want of blood. So we decided to hold a blood donation camp. At least we can save a few lives,” bride’s mother Bharti Dube told the local media.

“Blood donation is as pious as giving away the daughters. We want to convey the message that a single unit of blood can save at least three-four persons. People should come forward to donate blood,” she appealed.

She added COVID-19 had proved that wealth is insignificant. “It remains here; only the work done for the society is remembered,” she observed.

The health department has lauded the very initiative of the family and honored them with a letter of appreciation. “This is a wonderful initiative which will create awareness in the society and also encourage others to do similar things,” said Bhuvanesh Pratap Singh, project director with the Jharkhand State AIDS Control Society who led the medical team at the wedding venue.

COVID-19 has destroyed many families in Jharkhand. According to a report of the state government, COVID-19 has claimed 5,139 deaths in Jharkhand apart from infecting 349,066 people so far.

At the peak of COVID-19 in April-May this year, all the cremation centres in the state worked overtime as the bodies remained piled up awaiting cremation. Quite good number of villagers performed the last rites at the abandoned places and near the river banks in a hurry, reports said.

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