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It is inappropriate to associate terrorism with a ‘religious label’, says Dalai Lama


BODH GAYA: Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama has strongly disapproved of labeling terrorism saying a terrorist is a terrorist.

“It has become common to refer, for example, to ‘Muslim terrorists’, which is a mistake. The label is wrong. People who engage in terrorism are simply terrorists,” the Dalai Lama said addressing Buddhist devotees at the Kalchakra puja being organized here.

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He said terrorists’ actions completely contradict religious teachings. “So, it is inappropriate to associate them with a religious label,” he observed.

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He said various religious traditions might have their philosophical differences but they convey a common message of love and compassion.

“Here in India different religious traditions, some that are indigenous and others that came from outside, have lived together side by side for centuries. India recognises the value of different religious traditions and treats each with respect, setting an example that other countries might follow,” he announced.

He said the real and most damaging enemies of men are the “disturbing emotions we harbour within”.

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