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Irked at frequent thefts, villagers put up bizarre posters outside their homes


RANCHI—Angry villagers in Jharkhand have put up dozens of posters outside their homes asking thieves not to target their homes for the second time, irked at the frequent incidents of theft in their areas.

The peculiar posters have come up in Bhagwati Nagar locality of Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand state, leaving the passersby amused and the police highly embarrassed.

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Through the posters, the aggrieved residents are advising the thieves to try their luck elsewhere since their homes have already been robbed off and they will get no valuables as such if they make fresh attempts there.

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“Thefts have already been committed in this house, so it is useless to try again. Please don’t waste your time; try your luck elsewhere,” read the posters which were found pasted on the entrance of most of the buildings in the locality.

Villagers said they were compelled to take this step since the police were doing just nothing to put a check on criminal incidents which have robbed off their peace. Quite many homes were robbed off twice at short intervals, they said.

According to a police report, the state has reported a total of 2,384 incidents of theft in the first three months of the current year.

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