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Indian Railways reduces fares of Humsafar trains


NEW DELHI: In a significant passenger-friendly move, Indian Railways ministry has rationalized the fare structure and composition of Humsafar class of trains making them more affordable and comfortable.

It will be a big relief to the Indian Railway passengers who can now enjoy the modern facilities of Humsafar trains at lower rates.

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Indian government spokesperson said firstly, the existing variable fare system of the Humsafar class of trains has been done away with which means these trains will now have only ‘fixed’ fare system.

Secondly, the base fare of Humsafar trains will be 1.15 times of the base fare of Mail/Express Trains and not “Superfast” Mail/Express Trains which will lead to reduction in the Humsafar base fare.

Thirdly, the Tatkal charges in Humsafar have also been reduced from existing 1.5 times of Humsafar base fare to approximately 1.3 times of Humsafar base fare.

These Tatkal charges will be subject to maximum and minimum limit like normal Tatkal rule.

This means that Tatkal fare in Humsafar trains has been brought equivalent to the Normal Tatkal Rule of other Mail/Express trains (Humsafar base fare + Normal Class wise Tatkal charges).

Fourthly, Sleeper class coaches will also be attached in addition to existing only 3AC class coaches as per the requirement and as per the decision of the Zonal Railways.

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Fifthly, tickets under current booking after the first charting shall be sold with 10% discount on the applicable basic fare and other supplementary charges like all other trains.

The revised fare structure shall be implemented w.e.f Advance Reservation Period/No booking date after making required changes in PRS system.

The attachment of the sleeper class coaches has already been started w.e.f today i.e. 13th September, 2019. Four Sleeper class coaches have already been attached in Anand Vihar-Allahabad Humsafar Express today i.e. 13 September, 2019.

Other charges like reservation fee, superfast surcharge, GST etc., as applicable shall be levied separately. Catering shall be optional.

Vacant berths left after first charting would be offered for current booking. Tickets under current booking shall be sold with 10% discount on the applicable basic fare and other supplementary charges like reservation fee, superfast charges, GST etc., as applicable shall be levied in full.

The advance reservation period (ARP) shall be 120 days.

Issue of tickets on warrants shall be allowed.

Normal cancellation and refund rule shall apply.

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