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Indian official in a fix as Maulvi appeals to counsel his ‘beard-hater’ young wife!


The head of a district in India is caught in a peculiar situation in view of a bizarre request from a Maulvi asking the official to counsel his wife who has served an ultimatum to shave his long-flowing beard at once.

The bizarre matter relates to Meerut, a northern town located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

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The Maulvi identified as Arshad Badruddin, 38, rushed to the district magistrate Pankaj Yadav for help after his young wife threatened to commit suicide if he did not shave his beard and sport a smart look like Shahrukh-Salman Khan.

The Maulvi says he was married to Shahana, a resident of Hapur in UP, in 2001. Both have four children.

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“Sir, I am an Imam by profession and ardent follower of Islam. But right now I’m caught in a new trouble as my wife has ordered me to shave my long beard and look smart. I tried hard to convince her but to no avail,” the Maulvi has been quoted as saying in his missive to the district magistrate.

He mentioned that his wife doesn’t like his beard anymore and wants him to be clean-shaven.

He requested the district magistrate to counsel his wife over the issue as quickly as possible as he could land in trouble if she ultimately ended her life out of frustration.

The official has reportedly forwarded the matter to the local superintendent of police for necessary action.

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