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Indian dog goes on hunger strike after police arrest its master


PATNA: Do you recall the immortal dog of HMV (His Master’s Voice), a gramophone company wherein the pet is seen calmly listening to cylinder phonograph?

English artist Francis Barraud, as say Gramophone company publicity materials, noted the peculiar interest the said dog took in the recorded voice of his late master emanating from the horn and that compelled him to paint the scene on a canvas which ultimately made the terrier immortal!

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This may not be directly linked to the HMV story but it too generates similar interests.

Sounds weird but a dog in Bihar went on hunger strike literally after his master was arrested by the police in a case of petty dispute and thrown in a police lock-up.

The dog did not eat for full one day until his master was served food by the cops.

As per reports in local media, Amindar Paswan, a resident of Hajipur village in Patna district, was arrested by the police on Sunday and then put in a lock-up at the Fatuha police station.

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Seeing his master being taken in jeep, the dog too rushed and finally sat outside the lock-up where his master had been kept.

Reports said the cops tried hard to drive away the dog but failed.

Pitying on its condition, the cops served the dog food but it ignored.

Eventually, the cops brought the arrested man out of lock-up to give him food on Monday.

It only after the man served food from his hands that the dog ate.

Image Caption: Dog sitting outside lock-up at Fatuha police station in Patna

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