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Indian doctor murders girlfriend in hotel room, stuffs body in suitcase, flees but gets arrested

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PATNA: Police in eastern Indian state of Jharkhand state have arrested a doctor who killed his girl friend and then stuffed her body in a suitcase before fleeing the scene. The hair-raising incident took place in Jamshedpur town of Jharkhand on Saturday.

Police said the accused doctor identified as Dr Mirza Rafiq who worked at a private hospital in Kolkata in neighbouring West Bengal had fallen in love with girl Chaynika Kumari, 29, from Jharkhand.

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The victim girl was working as a manager in a private hospital in Jamshedpur town and hence both were staying separately.

According to police, both were having love affairs for the past over three years but of late differences had cropped up between the two as the boyfriend had suspicion that she was in love with some other.

On Friday night, the quarrel between the two turned out deadlier when the Kolkata doctor in a fit of rage strangulated her to death with an iron chain in his hotel room in Jamshedpur where he was staying for the past three days, police said.

Reports said after committing the crime, the doctor locked his room and went out to buy a big suitcase. Subsequently, he stuffed her body in the suitcase by brutally folding it at many places and fled the scene after dumping it outside the local railway station in Jamshedpur but was caught by the police.

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“Initially he feigned ignorance about the whereabouts of the girl but later confessed to killing her and stuffing her body in a suitcase,” the local senior superintendent of police, Jamshedpur, Anoop Mathew told the media today.

The police official said the relations between the two strained in recent months over doctor’s suspicion that she was having affairs with another man.

Strangely, it was the victim who had called his boyfriend to the town to join her birthday celebrations. Her birthday was on November 2.

Police said during the time when her boyfriend stayed in the hotel, she would leave her home during the office, pass entire day with him at the hotel room and then leave him in the evening so that her family never suspected her.

As per reports, both worked at a hospital in Dumdum areas of Kolkata three years back where they developed a relationship. Later both left the institutes and joined other hospitals.

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