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Indian doctor gives ads in newspapers to search for his missing parrot


PATNA, INDIA—A doctor couple from India has given advertisements in local newspapers to search for their missing African parrot which they loved a lot and treated as their family member.

Dr VK Jain, a prominent heart surgeon from Sikar town in India’s northern state of Rajasthan, had bought a pair of rare African parrots for Rs80,000 some two years back. Very soon, they became a part of the doctor family.

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The family loved the winged guests very much and fondly fed them juice with syringes or served them chopped fruits to eat. They got immense pleasure in watching the parrots nibbling fruits with their pointed beaks and speaking variety of words.

The doctor couple suffered a major shock earlier this month when one of the parrots suddenly went missing from their home. They themselves searched the parrot everywhere and also involved their family members, friends, acquaintances and hospital staffs but their efforts have proved futile so far.

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As a last option, the doctor couple has now inserted advertisement in local Indian dailies to search for their missing parrot with announcement for “adequate rewards”. The couple is ready to pay even Rs100,000 (US $1,333) to the person who hands over his missing parrot.

“Our grey colour parrot nicknamed Coco has gone missing from our home. Please inform if anyone comes to know about it,” said the advertisement issued by the doctor who also released three separate numbers for giving the information. The doctor also announced to suitably reward those who provides information about his parrot.

Especially, doctor’s wife Dr Archana Jain has come in a state of shock after the parrot went missing. “I am very anxious about his fate as he was very choosy about his food. I don’t know if he has eaten anything or is keeping well,” said a worried Dr Archana Jain.

According to the family, the missing parrot had learnt as many as 1,000 words which it used to speak. The parrot used to interact with the family and even replied when asked anything. The bird usually sat with them on the dining table as they ate food and this was the daily routine.

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