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Incredible India: From east to west, cops go on hunting dogs, goats and buffaloes!


PATNA—Police are supposed to focus their attention on maintaining law and order situation in the areas. The irony of the situation, however, is that in a country like India, they have to do many other jobs apart from their prime assignment despite the fact that there is roughly one policeman for 761 people in the country—indicating a very police-to-population ratio.

Yet, the cops have been routinely found doing entirely different jobs in the country. They have been chasing dogs, searching buffaloes, arresting goats or “detaining” birds like parrots and pigeons for allegedly indulging in unlawful acts.

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Let’s begin with the eastern Indian state of Bihar where five cops have been punished for not taking care of a police dog which ultimately died in a road accident past fortnight. The dog named Gulabo who only last month was inducted into the Bihar police force was crossing a busy road in Rohtas district when it came under the wheels of a speeding truck and died on the spot. The cops put under suspension have been charged with dereliction of duty and departmental proceedings too have been initiated against them for their gross negligence.

Earlier this month, the police from the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh were engaged in hunting a goat which allegedly strayed into the garden of a judge’s bungalow and grazed flowers and plants. After hours of searches, the cops “arrested” the accused goat on a trespass charge. It was released later but its owner Abdul Hasan was not so “lucky” as he was sent to jail for failing to check his pet venturing into the judge’s garden, ignoring repeated warnings.

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In August last year, the cops from the western Indian state of Maharashtra had “detained” a parrot for questioning, acting on a complaint from an 85-year-old woman Janabai Sakharkar that the pet had been hurling “abuses” at her. The police was forced to “detain” the parrot after the woman accused her stepson of teaching his parrots to hurl abuses at her whenever she passes by his house. However, as the pet became mum in police custody and didn’t speak a word after being confronted by the complainant, the cops handed over the parrot to the forest department.

Quite in a similar incident, the police from the northern Indian state of Punjab, “detained” a white pigeon at Bamial police  station in May the same year (2015) suspecting it to be a Pakistan’s spy. It was listed as a “spy” because of a note in Urdu found taped to its foot. The poor bird was later made to pass through X-Ray test but nothing suspicious came out of this.

The most classic incident, however, was reported from Uttar Pradesh, another northern Indian state, in February 2014 when a team of policemen led by the district superintendent of police went on hunting seven buffaloes of powerful SP leader Azam Khan, a cabinet minister who holds number two position in the Akhilesh Yadav government, after they went missing from his farm house in Rampur. Within minutes of the incident reported, all the senior officials from this district were on crime scene. Eventually, the police force was able to trace the missing buffaloes but this did not end the miseries of the cops either. At least, three of them were suspended for dereliction of duty. Poor cops!

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