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To obtain a good result it is essential to work with good raw materials, in this case excellent coffee and quality water. In the market there are many varieties of coffee beans on sale, and you can always choose the quality we need. The Blue Mountain variety is one of the most exquisite, but perhaps not all palates are made for it. In any case, choose the coffee you are going to use well, without forgetting to complement it with good quality water.

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We will make a category coffee if we previously heat the water; if we do not, the coffee will be a little burned when the water is filtered.

We should not press the coffee, why? Because for the same reason we explained before the water: if the coffee is pressed the water will have a difficult exit and the coffee will burn. It is best to fill the bucket up and leave it flat, without squeezing.

We will get a perfect coffee if we leave the coffee machine open and remove it before the coffee leaves completely; at the last moment that coffee will also be burnt and will make the taste more bitter.

The final trick for your perfect coffee keys :

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Cool the coffee maker. If we cut the cooking of the coffee under cold water, we will obtain much better flavor.

Do not use single-service machines. They are bad for the environment, they release chemical substances with heated plastics and they get dirty in almost impossible places to reach, not facilitating their cleaning. We can opt for more traditional methods such as, for example, the French coffee maker.

We will measure the amount of coffee to use. If we do not do so, we can have a very watery coffee or, on the contrary, very bitter. The best way to do it is with measuring spoons, trying to find our perfect point.

We’ll make the iced coffee in the right way. The <a href=””>iced coffee</a> is made with hot water, using some traditional way and then cooled. After a while cooling the ice is added, in this way the ice will not quench the coffee. A trick, if there is no time to cool it well, prepares a coffee more bitter than normal to compensate for the ice water.

We will keep coffee stored properly. We will keep it at a cool temperature and away from the heat. We will use a container with good closure and, finally, if we use coffee beans we will grind only what we are going to consume.

We will use a good coffee filter. Otherwise there will be unwanted flavors impregnated in the filter and the cup will be filled with sludge. We will buy one of the good quality.

We will take care of the material very well, keeping all the parts in perfect conditions. We will follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for its maintenance.

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