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Hope amid disaster: Bihar youths prove service to humanity is bigger than religion!


PATNA—Service to the humanity is the biggest religion in the world!

27-year-old Waqar Ahmed proved it in style when he broke his Ramzan fast to donate blood so as to save a girl battling for life at a government hospital in Goplaganj district of Bihar.

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The condition of three-year-old Nishtha Kumari who suffers from thalassaemia suddenly deteriorated on Friday after which she was admitted to a local government hospital.

After finding her condition critical, the doctors asked her parents to arrange for some units of blood but they failed to get them with the most of the blood banks facing acute blood shortage due to blood donation drying up during lockdown.

As a last ray of hope, he contacted a District Blood Donor Team (DBDT), Gopalganj which instantly promised to help him soon.

Within no time, Waqar reached the Gopalganj Sadar hospital, broke his fast and donated his blood to the girl. It was only then that the blood transfusion took place, giving fresh lease of life to the little girl.

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“I don’t know how to thank Waqar for this great service. He has saved the life of my daughter and I would be grateful to him for the whole life,” girl’s father Ujjwal Singh said.

Waqar said no religion is bigger than serving the humanity in distress. “We all should help the people in distress. This is the biggest religion,” Waqar said.

The DBDT has emerged as the harbinger of hope at the time of Covid-19 disaster. Last month on April 11, life of Bittu Kumar came in danger when his haemoglobin range reached 4gm.

The doctors asked his parents to arrange for at least one unit of B positive blood but he failed to get it from blood banks. Eventually, DBDT blood donor Tazuddin Ahmed donated his blood to the boy.

Similar situation emerged in March this year when another thalassaemia patient Shah Zama urgently required AB positive blood but it was not available in the local blood banks.

Here again DBDT blood donor Anis-Ul-Haque came forward and donated his blood to the patient to save his life.

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