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Coincidence or calculated? How history ‘repeats’ with Nitish Kumar, and so soon!



PATNA: History, it is said, repeats itself but it will repeat so soon, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar had, perhaps, never expected.

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The fresh embarrassment for the chief minister is a Rs 5 crore cheque being offered by the BJP government in Gujarat for the Bihar flood victims.

The reason behind his discomfort is not the little amount being offered for such a big calamity which befallen on the state this time but something else.

As such, the chief minister had returned the same amount of cheque donated by the then Gujarat government in June 2010, irritated at a BJP advertisement featuring Nitish Kumar clasping hands with Narendra Modi, then Gujarat chief minister.

The amount had been donated in 2008 for Kosi flood victims but was returned two years later. Kumar did that while he was an ally of the BJP.

This year again, floods affected large parts of Bihar and the Gujarat government again has announced the same Rs 5 crore cheque for the flood victims which has indeed left the chief minister in a dilemma, reports say. This is happening just a month after he joined the BJP camp after pulling out of the Grand Alliance.

“Will the chief minister now accept the cheque which he returned earlier?” ask opposition leaders, cocking a snook at Kumar’s recent volte face.

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The opposition leaders also see a “large political message” in Rs 5 crore donation by the Gujarat government.

“Why only Rs 5 crore? Neither Rs 4 crore nor Rs 6 crore! As such, the Prime Minister is adding salts to Nitish Kumar’s wounds. The man who had returned the same cheque seven years back is being forced to accept it now that he returned to the BJP camp,” remarked Bihar opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav today.

Coincidentally, two incidents which were related to Nitish Kumar have already happened in the past one month and only the last one was missing.

The first thing happened when Nitish Kumar returned to the NDA, finally accepting the leadership of his arch-rival Narendra Modiw over which he had eventually broke the 17-year-old alliance with the BJP in June 2013.

The second incident happened last week when the Prime Minister “avoided” lunch with the chief minister—the man who had cancelled the dinner for the visiting BJP leaders in 2010 in a fit of anger.

But, the JD-U dismisses the opposition remarks. “It’s time bury the past and move on,” explains JD-U spokesperson Rajiv Ranjan.

But the million-dlollar question remains—Is the BJP settling scores with Nitish Kumar? The JD-U was already denied a place in the Modi Cabinet during its Sunday reshuffle.

Featured Image Caption: The photograph which had led to tension between Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi in 2013

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