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Hissing cobras disrupt functioning of a court in Bihar, caught after much effort


PATNA: Deadly cobras disrupted the functioning of a local court in Bihar last week as they continued hissing from inside the record rooms.

The incident took place in Bhagalpur district court.

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Report said Mohamamd Mahfoof Asarafi, a court staff, had gone to bring papers of a case from the record room of Bhagalpur district judge on Wednesday when a snake bit him, leaving him on the hospital bed.

The incident panicked the staffs so much so that they refrained from visiting record rooms out of fears of snakes, thus badly disrupting the functioning of the court.

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The problem could be solved only yesterday when two snake charmers reached the court in connection with a case.

Seeing the snake charmers, the court employees requested the judge to allow them catch snakes and resume the functioning of the court.

Once getting permission, the snake charmers began playing an instrument called ‘bansuri’ to hypnotize the snake. Very soon, two deadly cobras were in their net.

It was only then that the employees heaved a sigh of relief and the functioning of court which had remained disrupted all through the week, resumed.

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