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Hey Prabhu! This Indian driver leaves train midway to get shower and beat the heat



PATNA: Here’s a story of a train driver abandoning his train and disappearing, leaving hundreds of stranded passengers wondering for over two hours about his whereabouts.

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A massive search was made by the railway authorities and then it came to light that he had gone for a shower to beat the heat and have his meal! The bizarre incident took place at Buxur railway station yesterday.

The Moghulsarai-bound passenger train coming from Patna was running well on schedule until it reached Buxur station at 10.55 AM.

The passengers got restive when the train did not move even getting the signal. They got off the train and began to protest.

The panel controller made announcement through the panel address system, asking the driver to immediately start the train and let other trains move forward.

When there was no sign of the driver, railway officials launched a massive search. It was only then that they discovered the driver MK Singh had gone for a shower and then food.

The driver came back at 1.17 PM and was immediately mobbed by the irate passengers. Heated exchanges followed before the train could resume the journey.

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“We have taken the matter very seriously and will initiate action against the drive after proper investigation,” railway spokesperson RK Singh told newsmen.

Last month as well, a train driver had stopped the train at a railway crossing at Itardhi in Buxur district to let the assistant drive have a cup of tea, leading to heavy traffic jam, as per reports. It was after strong protests from the local villagers that the train resumed the journey.

Villagers also complain a daily passenger train has been making unscheduled stops at a distant location in Rohtas district of Bihar just to allow its driver have a good strong cuppa served by local villagers.

According to witnesses this helps both the driver and the passengers from Nonar village. While the driver refreshes himself with strong tea prepared with pure milk available in the countryside, local villagers use the time to board the train and reach destinations of their choice.

As per reports, the local villagers have to travel quite a distance to catch the train at the nearest station. So, they thought of a plan to get a favour from the train driver: who makes the scheduled halt in exchange for a cup of tea. A tea stall near the track has therefore been opened.

In due course, the driver became so addicted to this specially-steamed tea prepared with pure milk that he made it a habit to stop train and have a cup of tea on both up and down journeys, say villagers the driver finishes his tea.

All these take place despite the federal Indian railway minister Suresh Prabhu trying hard to set things right.

Featured Image: Train driver MK Singh

Courtesy: The Statesman

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