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Heartwarming gesture: Bihar scripts beautiful saga of communal harmony


PATNA—At a time when the growing communal divide appears to be becoming a matter of serious concern, Bihar has set a new example for the society by scripting an idyllic saga of communal harmony. Sounds weird but the fact is that while Muslims have liberally donated lands for Hindu temples, Hindus are taking care of mosque!

In a lovely gesture, a Muslim family has donated 23 katthas (or 71 decimal) of land for the construction of upcoming world’s tallest temple dedicated to Lord Ram in East Champaran district of Bihar. The temple trust required 125 acres of land for temple’s construction to be begun from next month and was in frantic search of land to let the project start.

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It was here that Ishtiyaq Ahmad Khan came forward and handed him over the deeds of the land while visiting trust secretary Kishore Kunal in Patna. The value of the gifted land is estimated at Rs2.50 crore in the market but Kahn is happy to serve the society.

“It’s a privilege for me that the temple will be constructed on the land donated by me. This will not only spread communal harmony but will also cause massive development in the region,” said Khan who hails from East Champaran district.

According to the temple trust secretary, the “Virat Ramayan Temple” will be the tallest in the world and its structural design will be such that it will be durable for at least 250 years. The temple will be 270 feet high, 1080 feet long and 540 feet width. The temple management has acquired 100 acres of land so far.

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Hindus taking care of this abandoned mosque in Bihar’s Nalanda district
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Similar thing was witnessed in Begusarai district where Muslim villagers liberally donated land and fund for the renovation and expansion of an old Hanuman temple. Reports said Hindu villagers from Bakhari village were quite worried after an old temple reached in pitiable condition and also it didn’t have enough space to accommodate the crowds of devotees.

But when the local Muslim villagers came to know about their problems, they hurriedly came forward and offered all kinds of helps. While Mohammad Tuffail Ahmad, Mohammad Salim and Qari Ahmad donated their land for expansion of the temple, there were others from the community who happily donated money. There were yet others who also joined the renovation works physically.

Hindus also are not very far behind in lending their open support for communal brotherhood. At a village in Nalanda district, Hindu villagers have been offering ‘azaan’ at a century-old mosque since there is no Muslim family to take care of the religious structure.

The Hindus have not only been taking full care of the mosque but also offering ‘azaan‘ five times a day. And, the offering of their ‘azaan‘ is quite unique—since they don’t know how to do ‘azaan’, they play the ‘azaan’ recording on loudspeaker with the help of a pen drive five times a day without fail.

Villagers said various groups have been assigned separate tasks to take care of the mosque. While one group of villagers cleans the mosque, other group plays ‘azaan‘ songs. Yet another group burns incense sticks and offers prayers.

Old timers say the mosque was apparently constructed in 1920 and at that time some 50 Muslim families stayed at the village. Although no Muslim family resides at the village right now but the mosque built by the Muslim villagers still stands tall.

Hindus believe this mosque has great spiritual power and hence they never forget to offer prayers on any auspicious occasion, be it the wedding functions, birthday programmes or other celebration in the family.

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