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Have information about PM Modi’s personal involvement in corruption: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: In what he had earlier claimed that an “earthquake” is  in the offing, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said he has information proving  Prime Minister  Narendra Modi’s personal involvement in corruption, reports said.

Gandhi made the statement while briefing the media along with a delegation of opposition party leaders at the Central Hall in Parliament.

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“We are pretty much unconditionally ready for a debate in Parliament. The Government is not allowing me to speak. I have personal information about PM Modi’s corruption. He is personally terrified. He cannot run away from the House,”  Gandhi said.

“My information is personal information on Narendra Modi ji, which I want to put out in the Lok Sabha. I want to say it there as an elected member of parliament,” he added.

“He has taken a decision against the poor of the country. He owes the country an explanation,” he said.

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Although the Government said it is ready for a debate and even indicated PM Modi might speak in Lok Sabha,the Lok Sabha was adjourned amid slogan shouting as both the Opposition and the Treasury Bench remained adamant on their respective stands as to whether there should be a vote at the end.

The Government said PM Modi was ready to speak in a debate on the notes ban but the opposition has refused to give up its  its demand for a debate followed by voting.

However, the BJP rubbished Gandhi’s allegation, saying “he is making a joke on himself.”

“Rahul Gandhi is making a joke of himself, his party is responsible for blocking parliament,” NDTV quoted BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao as saying.


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