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‘Became victim of media trial,’ alleges fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya


New Delhi: Fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya, charged with non-payment of bank loans and siphoning the phenomenal amount abroad, has slammed the Central Bureau of Investigation and Securities Exchange Board of India for indicting him.

Through his twitter account, Mallya on Friday attacked both the central agencies for imposing forgery charges on him and demanded to know what proof they have against him.

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The business tycoon, who has been living in England since the news of his alleged scam broke out, also slammed the Indian media in a series of tweets.

“Before slamming me ask CBI and SEBI some tough questions on what proof or evidence they have to allege fraud,” he said.

“Loot”…”Gate” etc etc…such innovative headlines to describe me without Judicial determination?? Fair and unbiased reporting??,” he tweeted, targeting media.

“TV anchors in India have become vociferous Public Prosecutors influencing public opinion. I only hope that our esteemed judiciary rise above,” he said.

Mallya said he had been interrogated by the CBI and had submitted all legal documents explaining that there was no misuse of the allocated funds.

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Stating that the King Fisher Airlines, for which he had taken huge bank loans, was the largest domestic Airline and it was the worst hit.

“KFA collapsed with oil at $ 140/barrel and State sales tax on top Rupee devaluation No FDI Engine failures. Economic depression Need more?”

“And KFA being the largest domestic Airline was the worst hit. Government bailed out Air India but did not bail out KFA. So much for “favours”, he tweeted.

“Government bailed out Air India but did not bail out KFA. So much for “favours.”

The flamboyant businessman had earlier rubbished SEBI’s allegations of indulging in fraudulent activities and said that he is getting used to these “witch hunts” coming from all directions with no legal basis whatsoever.

The market regulator SEBI has barred Mallya from the stock market for fraudulently diverting about Rs. 1,881 crore from United Spirits (USL) to various other entities within the UB Group, including now grounded Kingfisher Airlines (KFA).


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