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Girl born to Hindu father and Muslim mother gets birth certificate from UAE govt


Dubai:  Setting aside the country’s marriage rules for expatriates during the Year of Tolerance, the UAE government has issued birth certificate to a nine-month-old child who was born to a Hindu father and a Muslim mother, media reports said on Sunday.

Both the parents of the child are Indian expats. They have been identified as Sharjah-based expat Kiran Babu and Sanam Saboo Siddique, media reports said. They were reportedly married in Kerala in 2016.

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The UAE has set another precedent in the Year of Tolerance by issuing a birth certificate for a baby born to a Hindu father and a Muslim mother – both Indian expats. According to the country’s marriage rules for expatriates, a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman; however, Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man, reported Khaleej Times.

“I have an Abu Dhabi visa. I get my insurance coverage there and got my wife admitted to Medeor 24X7 Hospital in the emirate. But after the baby’s delivery, the birth certificate was rejected as I am a Hindu. Then, I applied for a no-objection certificate through the court. The trial went on for four months but my case was rejected,” Babu told the newspaper Khaleej Times.

“Those days were stressful and the amnesty was a window of hope. The Indian Embassy helped with the provision of an outpass. But the baby was denied immigration clearance as there was no data or registration number to prove her birth,” he said.

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r”Embassy counsellor M. Rajamurugan supported us throughout the process. Then, VPS Healthcare got involved. At the end, the judicial department made my case an exception. I was told that from now on, in such cases, we have to put together a request letter, get it approved by the chief justice, and take it to the health authority for the issuance of a birth certificate,” he said.

Khaleej Times further reported, on April 14, a day before the Hindu festival of Vishu, the family received vishukaineetam (a token of blessing) from the UAE authorities: A birth certificate in the name of Anamta Aceline Kiran. “I am told that this is the first case where the rule has been amended.”

Babu said he has sent his wife and child to Kerala.

“Those few months were taxing for us all. My baby girl is nine months old and she needs vaccinations. My family is thankful to the UAE leaders, authorities, the embassy and VPS Healthcare,” he told the newspaper.


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