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Giriraj Singh: How this Modi minister’s career graph has grown with controversies     


Firebrand BJP minister and Union minister Giriraj Singh who now talks of bidding adieu to politics has been rather known for making controversial statements. As such, his career graph has grown with every controversy.

Giriraj Singh who hails from Barahiya town in Bihar’s Lakhisarai district was a rather shy politician until he was inducted as a minister in the chief minister Nitish Kumar-led NDA government which came to power in Bihar in 2005.

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He served as a Cooperative minister in his first tenure from 2005 to 2010 but was appointed as a Minister for animal Husbandry and Fisheries Resources Development when the NDA returned to power after 2010 assembly polls.

However, his tenure came to an abrupt end in June 2013 when Nitish Kumar broke 17-year-old alliance with the BJP and formed his new government with opposition support.

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Career Turning point

This proved to be a turning-point in the career of Giriraj Singh, political experts say. Singh who hitherto had been maintaining a low profile suddenly emerged as a firebrand leader, giving statements against Nitish Kumar and praising Narendra Modi, then serving as the chief minister of Gujarat.

This helped him get tickets for the Lok Sabha in 2014 when he was fielded from Nawada seat while he had never contested any elections in the past. Right during the poll campaigns he kicked up controversies by stating that “anti-nationals and pro-Pakistani” have no place in India.

“Those who want to stop Narendra Modi (form becoming prime minister) are looking towards Pakistan. In the coming days, they will have no place in India. They will only have place in Pakistan,” he had told the media then.

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Riding on Narendra Modi’s popularity wave, Giriraj Singh won elections from Nawada seat and subsequent controversies gave his political career a boost. He kept on triggering one controversy after another after winning elections and later as a minister in the Narendra Modi govt.

Controversies and Giriraj

Listed below is some of his controversial remarks:

# “Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar is quarreling with his Gujarat counterpart Narendra Modi like a ‘dehati aurat’ (village woman) out of jealously”

# “Muslims are descendants of Lord Ram and not of Mughals. If they don’t support the cause of Ram Mandir, they know well that Hindus will hate them. If this hatred increases then Muslims can well imagine the consequences

# “Won’t you claim your own properties which were once usurped by the powerful and mighty at one point of time?” while suggesting for changing for names of all such cities including Bakhtiyarpur, home town of Nitish Kumar, associated with Mughal rulers.

# “I would like to say Giriraj Singh’s ancestors died and were cremated. You (Muslims) need three yards of land even after you die for burial of your mortal remains. If you say you cannot chant Vande Matram, the nation will never forgive you.”

# “These type of flags (green flags) tend to create hatred in the society and gives a feel of being in Pakistan.”

 # “I hold the view that those who have more than two children should be stripped of their voting rights”.

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