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Free haircuts to car servicing: How India’s vaccination drive gets a boost with interesting offers!


PATNA—A salon owner in Bihar is offering free haircuts and shave to the villagers who get the vaccine shots, drawing much praise.

Shambhu Kumar Thakur who runs a salon in Darbhanga district of Bihar announced the offers a couple of days back, prompting the villagers to make beelines at his shop to get haircuts free of cost.

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“It’s everyone responsibility to help increase the vaccination drive. I am giving free haircuts and shave to anyone who shows up their vaccination certificate or even selfies taken during the vaccination,” Thakur told the media on Saturday.

According to Thakur, so far more than 200 villagers have benefits of his offers by producing their vaccination certificates.

Earlier this month, officials in Sheohar district announced to give gifts too villagers to encourage them for COVID-19 vaccination.

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The Sheohar district administration is giving away gold coins, fridge, LPG cylinders, water filters and other home appliances to get villagers take interest in vaccinations.

The gifts are being distributed every week through a lucky draw. One Bhola Prasad has won gold coin so far.

Sheohar district magistrate Sajjan Raj Shekher said the unique initiative had been launched to create awareness among the people and encourage them for vaccination.

Elsewhere in the country a number of firm and companies have announced variety of discounts such as in booking air tickets, fast food and grocery items or on car servicing for getting vaccine shots.

Corporates — like Capgemini, Infosys, Accenture, Volvo, Reliance, IndiGo and upGrad — have already announced that they will absorb the vaccination costs for their employees in India, according to a report in Business Insider.

COVID-19 has claimed close to four lakh people in India so far.

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