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Even icy hands of death couldn’t separate Gaya twin brothers joined at waist since birth

The twin brothers hailed from Gaya district of Bihar


PATNA: Bihar’s famous twin brothers, Ram and Shyam who were joined at waist since birth died on Wednesday owing to alleged gross negligence on the part of the government officials, family members said.

The twin brothers Ram and Shyam, a resident of Binova Nagar under Medical police station in Gaya district, died after staying together for 40 years.

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Born in a Manjhi family, they lived in complete penury as the authorities didn’t even issue them a disability certificate to enable them avail benefits of government schemes.

Although they were attached together yet it was only Ram who had been suffering from some health complications for some time.

On Monday Ram fainted at his home after which the twin brothers were rushed to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Ranchi on Monday but the hospital administration allegedly refused to admit them.

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Left with no option, they returned to Gaya and were admitted to the local Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College and Hospital but his condition failed to improve.

After Ram’s condition worsened, the doctors were administering medicines and saline water to Shyam to save his brother but failed. Eventually Ram died on late Tuesday night. After few hours Shyam too died.

The twins’ case was really unique. Although both were joined at hip and they had common urine and toilet systems but they had separate bodies. They, however, had same food habits.

Family members said the victims lived in utter penury all through their life and didn’t get even the disability certificate despite making several rounds of the government offices.

Trouble didn’t end even after their death. The family members had to struggle really hard to perform their last rites as the local cremation ground had been encroached upon by the land Mafiosi.

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