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2013 Vs 2017: Why Rahul goes for lunch with ‘tainted’ Tejashwi?


PATNA: Bihar politics looks taking a new turn.

On Friday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi took lunch with RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav at a restaurant in Delhi, adding fresh flavor to the Bihar politics.

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Shortly after the lunch, Tejashwi posted his photographs of his lunch with Rahul on his twitter handle and thanked him for the lunch.

“Thank you @OfficeOfRG for taking me out for wonderful lunch. Feel appreciated and grateful. Again thanks for taking out time out of ur tight schedule,” Tejashwi tweeted.

The lunch indeed assumes significance for two reasons: First, Rahul opted for lunch at a time while he has been too busy in Gujarat elections and secondly, he had decided to join the table with the man who has been named an accused in the multi-billion land-for-hotel scandal by the CBI.

All the investigating agencies, especially the CBI and the ED, have been currently after Tejashwi in the scandal.

What the Friday lunch, thus indicates, is a remarkable change in the politics of Rahul who had earlier torn out the papers of ordinance brought by his own government to protect the convicted parliamentarians and state lawmakers.

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It was due this act of Rahul that Tejashwi’s father Lalu Prasad, the RJD president, got disqualified from as Member of Lok Sabha.

This happened in September 2013, barely few months before the Lok Sabha polls, but the move failed to the win the Congress elections. Since then the Congress has lost elections in many states too.

Four years later in 2017, Rahul seem have become a ‘wise’ after a series of party’s debacles in the states. His move to invite Tejashwi for a lunch clearly indicates this.

Observers say Rahul has now come to realize that just maintaining the high standard of political ethics is not enough, it also requires votes to win elections.

He has come to know how Lalu Prasad still remains a force to reckon with and enjoys huge support of the masses in Bihar despite being convicted in fodder scam and almost his entire family facing corruption charges and massive opposition campaign against him.

Even the mighty Narendra Modi failed to defeat him despite aggressive campaigns against him at the height of his popularity in the last 2015 Bihar assembly elections where the BJP was able to win only 53 seats out of state’s total 243.

Rahul has, perhaps, also come to know the fact that loyalty also matters in politics. Prasad has stood firmly with the Congress and the Gandhi family despite all odds against Nitish Kumar who walked with the BJP after winning elections with the support of the Congress and the RJD.

The lunch is, thus, an indicative of the fact that how Rahul finally identifies RJD as the most trusted ally ahead of the next 2019 LS polls and how he has set his eyes on future strategy quite well in advance.

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