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Eager to erase their negative image, Bihar lawmakers announce to donate blood for poor patients


PATNA: Well you may be aware about the Bihar legislators rolling up their sleeves in the House, shouting at the top of their voice at their rivals or getting indulged in dirty acts, such as rape, kidnapping and murder but here is a golden opportunity for their image makeover.

The Bihar chapter of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) is scheduled to hold a blood donation camp for lawmakers on April 2 in the Bihar assembly premises to help them donate blood and save lives.

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Apparently conscious about their “negative” image, more than 400 legislators, including 318 present MLAs, have declared to donate blood for the poor patients earning huge applause from various quarters.

“The blood donation by our legislators will convey a good message in the society. Quite many of them are more than willing to donate blood and save lives of the poor,” Bihar assembly speaker Vijay Kumar Chaudhary told newsmen today. He said although the common wealth day is celebrated on March 14, they are doing it on April 2 this time owing to late communication and ongoing House session.

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He said the donated blood will be handed over to the Patna Medical College and Hospital where poor patients from across the state come for treatment.

The lawmakers in Bihar have been rather infamous for their acts as quite good number of them faces serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping, rape and extortion. Right now, two of the lawmakers, Raj Ballabh Yadav and Anant Singh are in jail in connection with rape and murder cases respectively.

Three others have been suspended from their parties for their misconduct.

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