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Dream fulfilled: Mango-selling Jharkhand girl finally gets a smartphone to study Online!


JAMSHEDPUR—A poor girl from Jharkhand state is on cloud nine after a kind-hearted businessman helped her buy a smartphone by purchasing her 12 mangoes for Rs1.20 lakh.

A resident of Jamshedpur town in Jharkhand, Tulsi Kumari, 11, had been selling fallen mangoes on the streets to earn enough money to have a smartphone.

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Someone made a video of the grade nine schoolgirl girl’s fighting skills and posted on social media which went viral.

The video caught attention of a Mumbai businessman Ameya Hete who bought her 12 mangoes for Rs120,000—each mango for Rs10,000. This fulfilled her dream of owning a cellphone to attend Online school classes.

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With a sleek mobile in her hand, she is chirping like a bird in her locality. She now hopes to complete her study Online and finally become a teacher.

“I have bought a smart phone and will study hard,” the girl said adding she never imagined that her mangoes would attract the Mumbai businessman to Jamshedpur. She said she would not have to sell mangoes anymore to collect money for studies.

Her father Srimal Kumar hugely thanked the businessman for lending help at this critical time when he lost his job and it was extremely difficult for him to arrange study materials for his three daughters.

“He (Hete) appeared like a deity at this critical time and credited Rs120,000 in my bank account for my daughter’s study. This will help her achieving her dream of becoming a teacher,” girl’s father said.

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