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Defence secrets row: Varun Gandhi pens open letter to deny allegations


New Delhi: ‘Hurt’ by the comments against him, BJP parliamentarian Varun Gandhi on Saturday wrote an open letter to the masses, refuting claims that he sold defence secrets.

On Friday, Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan reportedly released a letter by Edmonds Allen, which accused Gandhi of selling defence secrets.

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Varun Gandhi, in his letter, which he made public on Twitter, wrote, “I would like to point out the false and frivolous allegations and the claims made are wild and unsubstantiated.”

He also said that he has never met Allen, who made the shocking claims.

“I’ve never met Edmonds Allen who has written this letter containing these allegations, nor do I know him,” he said.

Gandhi also said that he’s taking legal action against those who have ‘deliberately sought to tarnish his image’.

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“I’m taking legal recourse against those who have deliberately sought to tarnish my reputation and public standing.”

He also said that he did not have access to any sensitive information.

“I could not and did not have any access to any sensitive defence information, so the question of being allegedly coerced into revealing anything does not even arise. While I am confident that neither of you nor any right thinking person places any credence in these allegations, what I find worrying is that such baseless accusations should be circulation at a time when the entire nation is united behind our brave defence forces,” he said.

Gandhi also criticised the move to air the allegations public as ‘unethical’, and added that it should have been scrutinised.

“This letter has made very serious allegations against me without any facts, evidence or justification whatsoever. It is unethical that such damaging accusations should have been publicly aired without being scrutinised, verified or even clarified.”

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