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#Covid19: Why doctors are getting Corona infection despite protective dressing and high level of awareness



PATNA—Why doctors are getting corona infection despite high level of protective dressings and having good understanding of sources, routes and prevention of viral infection?

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Very simple: Ignorance and unavoidable habits. As we all know that routes of viral entry are nose, mouth, eyes into the body and possibly through anal wash after defecation (yet to be proved)and wound and cut on body (least possible).

Invisible thought of working doctors are that we are fully aware, taking maximum precaution and having good knowledge of sanitation. So, virus will not reach to our body. This is fallacy.  This is here we neglect the enemy and allow them to come.

Unavoidable habit

Careers of the virus to our body are aerosol and surface contact. Aerosol—comes from anybody will reach through eyes (can be protected through glass shield), nose, mouth (can be protected by masks and shield) that everybody knows it.

Surface contact

What are that? Without going into the details, we will see that the most surface contacts which can carry infection are – our hand. It goes everywhere where we should not let it go, like table, pen, paper, mobile and used masks.

Our body is covered with PPE gowns or dressings, and aerosol (virus from infected persons) came to our gown and hands with gloves goes everywhere followed by contacts with mobile and frequent touching of masks as continuous wearing of masks creates suffocation—that leads to frequent reposition of mask-> leads to infection to reach nasal areas.

Another way of communication is shoelace, shoe, door gate, handle, keyboard, mouse, and many other touchable goods.

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Now the question is how to protect ourselves?

* Decreasing the ability of infected persons to infect our contact area and ask them to wear mask (any) and disinfect his/her mobile, gloves before reaching you. This will minimise the potential of infection.

* Decreasing touching any contact area.

* Protection to him/herself with protection shield (like mask, gown, gloves)

* A very handy traditional method- not to touch anyone (until necessary), not to touch the diseased, if touches should wash hands, and change gown.

* Don’t be hasty in serving. Always follows the rule of Ayurveda- Wash your hands thrice before and after touching any patient (our problem is that we have to see 100-200 patients in a day).

But, still we should follow the rule of Ayurveda medicine-we must restrict ourself to see maximum 30 patient so that we can follow the principle of hand wash.

* Social distancing- one hand distance is principle of Indian medicine and life style.

* After reaching your home, clearly follow Indian cultural tradition- keep our shoes out and wash hands thrice (before touching anything), then remove your clothes in as such a way that its outer layer don’t touch your body (hands) in anyway. Wash your hands again. If possible, take a shower and only then enter into your home.

* Pl don’t use any ineffective cleaning agents and sanitizers.

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