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Country transforming, new India not about VIP but ‘EPI’, says PM Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the 31st edition of Mann Ki Baat and said that India is witnessing a new development where VIP culture is taking a backseat giving every citizen immense significance.

“People are forward-thinking and want to embrace technology. India is undergoing a digital transformation. People are using mobiles to make digital payments. This is the future, and it is great to see the pace at which India is switching to a less-cash economy,” he said.

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He said India had a “bitter culture” of VIP.

“Lal batti became a symbol of VIP culture, which has slowly moved to our minds as well,” said he.

He said his government is taking effort to remove red beacon from the cars.

“We are ensuring the VIP culture is removed from the minds of the select few ‘VIPs’,” said he.

“New India is not about VIP. It is about EPI- every person is important,” Modi stated.

He also urged citizens to show humanely behaviour to everyone coming to home during the summers.

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“Temperatures are rising. No wonder this time when I asked for suggestions for Mann Ki Baat, many people wrote about the summers,” Modi said during his monthly radio address.

Modi said efforts should be taken to keep a bowl of water for birds.

He said when anyone comes to our homes, at least they should be asked with a glass of water.

“If a postman, or delivery person comes to your home, keeping the severe heat in mind, we must ask them if they want water,” said he.

Speaking to young people, he said all should make the most of their holidays after exams.

He urged them to play out and also do something out of the box.

The PM said, “I urge my young friends to get more and more people of the BHIM App during these holidays.”

“Learn things you do not now try. Visit a place and stay there for 3-4 days, you will learn a lot… share the pictures with me use incredible India… government is giving you a good opportunity…the new generation going cash less,” he said.

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