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Cong: Demonetisation biggest scam of India, brought nation’s development to a standstill


PATNA: The Congress party headed by Sonia Gandhi has alleged the demonetization drive by the Narendra Modi government has brought India’s ‘wheel of development’ come to a standstill.

“The wheel of development has come to a standstill as millions of people are lining up in front of banks and ATMs by giving up their day-to-day livelihood,” alleged the Congress in a Press statement issued on Sunday.

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Describing it as the biggest scam of India, the party also demanded an investigation through ‘Joint Parliamentary Committee’ (JPC) in view of layers of conspiracy being unveiled on a daily basis reflecting a scam of huge proportions.

The Congress also alleged the party leaders had prior information of the demonetization drive being launched and hence they deposited huge amount of money in their bank accounts or purchased lands just before it was implemented.

“On the day of the announcement of the decision on demonetisation i.e. 8th November, a sum of Rs1 crore (Rs 10 million) was deposited in a Kolkatta Bank in BJP’s Account No. 554510034 on 8th November, 2016 in the denomination of Rs500/Rs1000,” the party alleged.

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Likewise the BJP, the Congress party alleged, purchased lands in various districts of Bihar and Odisha in the run up to the decision on demonetization.

The Congress also alleged the Jan Dhan accounts have been blatantly misused to convert black money as is clear from facts available in public domain, which reflect that a sum of Rs75,000 crore have been deposited in these accounts in 20 days since demonetisation.

“Admittedly, 76% of total Jan Dhan accounts i.e. 25.51 crore as on 9th November, 2016, had zero balance or a balance of less than Rs5. Overnight deposit of Rs75,000 crore reflects a clear-cut misuse to convert black money. On top of it, in the first 17 days of demonetization, 17 lakh new accounts in the Jan Dhan category have been added,” it charged.

The Congress further alleged an unwitting decision of ‘demonetisation’ has pushed 125 crore people of India into a web of humungous problems and difficulties.

“What is tragic is that these never-ending lines are for withdrawing one’s own hard-earned money. An autocratic Prime Minister, bloating over the arrogance of numbers, has plunged the country into a state of ‘economic anarchy’, wiping out people’s earnings and creating a colossal sense of fear and insecurity,” it alleged.

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