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China says construction of dam on Brahmaputra won’t impact water flow in India


China has said the construction of dam over a tributary of Brahmaputra in Tibet will not impact the water flow in India.

The ministry of foreign affairs of the People’s Republic of China claimed it had already provided its neighbour with data on water supply and possible flood situation.

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“For long China and India have had excellent cooperation on cross-border water issues. China has overcome difficulties to provide India with services such as hydrological forecast and emergency actions in context of the general situation of Sino-Indian friendship and humanitarian spirit,” the Chinese ministry told a prominent Indian English daily Hindustan Times in an emailed response.

It claimed the sharing of data has “had positive influence on aspects such as flood prevention in related region”.

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Earlier this month, China announced it was blocking a tributary of the Brahmaputra river in Tibet as part of its project to construct a dam.

The state-run news agency Xinhua was quoted as saying in the local media that China had blocked a tributary of Brahmaputra river as part of its most expensive hydro project.

“The Lalho project on the Xiabuqu River in Xigaze (which is very close to Sikkim), involves an investment of 4.95 billion yuan (740 million U.S. dollars),” India Today reported today quoting Xinhua.

Experts have expressed concern over the development saying this may impact water flow into the lower riparian countries.

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