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China angry at Dalai Lama getting invited to inaugurate Buddhist conference in Bihar


China expressed its annoyance once again on Monday after Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama was invited to inaugurate the three-day “International Buddhist Conference” at Rajgir in Bihar in the weekend.

The conference was organized by Ministry of Culture and Nava Nalanda Mahaviahra, Deemed University. China calls Dalai Lama a “separatist” leader.

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“In recent days the Indian side, in total disregard of China’s stern representation and strong opposition, insisted on inviting the 14th Dalai Lama to attend the international conference on Buddhism held by the Indian government,” news agency PTI quoted foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying as telling reporters in Beijing on Monday.

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“China is strongly dissatisfied and firmly opposed to it,” she was quoted in the PTI report. She also asked India to respect China’s core concerns and avoid China-India relations from being further disrupted, according to the report.

Strangely, Dalai Lama in his speech had said nothing objectionable about China or Tibet; rather his speech remained completely focused on Buddhism, Buddha philosophy and spreading the message of peace in the society.

He said all religious traditions should sit in harmony to know the truth which is always unchanged “so that we should not only gather information about Buddha and his teachings but we should also experience and experiment it in our lives.”

Describing compassion as the basic makeup of human being, Dalai Lama also emphasized on the refinement of our emotions.

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