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Chased by sniffer dog, Bihar man jumps into river, traceless


PATNA—A man in Bihar jumped into a river to save his life after a sniffer dog chased him. The man has gone traceless since then.

According to media reports, Ishwar Yadav, a resident of Khagaria district, was doing farm works in his field on Wednesday when the district police released its sniffer dog to trace the illegal liquor.

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“While he was busy doing farm works, a police or excise department team reached there for a raid to recover liquor. They saw my father working in the agricultural land, and directed a sniffer dog to search for liquor. When my father saw the dog was running towards him very fast, he ran towards the Gandak river,” Guddu Kumar, Ishwar Yadav’s son, told the local media.

The police later launched efforts to trace out the missing village but he still remains traceless.

“We do not have sniffer dogs in the district. Hence, police action through sniffer dogs is not possible. When we require a sniffer dog for investigation of a particular case, we take special permission from state headquarters to arrange the dog,” Khagaria SP Amitesh Kumar was quoted as telling IANS.

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