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Cat’s bike ride delights social media users, gets thousands of ‘likes’


Amid too much focus on politics, this has come as a whiff of fresh air and has delighted the social media users quite much.

Photographs of a lovely cat riding pillion on a motorbike have gone viral in the social media after a twitter user posted these photographs today.

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The pictures posted by the Twitter use who goes by the name Weeb have earned 2.5K likes and close to 400 retweets.

In the photographs, the lovely cat can be seen sitting calmly on the bike and looking quite attentive.

It is not clear where the photographs were shot but given some writings in Marathi language in the background, it appears that it could be Mumbai.

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“This is so dope man I wish I could trust my cat as much,” tweeted Weeb who posted these photographs, leaving the Twitter user flooded with comments.

“Should have tagged Mumbai police and Peta for “No helmet”, endangering the safety of an animal…but,” replied a twitter user.

Another one wrote, “Mera rabbit to haath me liya nahin ke bhaag jaata hai”.

Yet another one replied,” My cat is the most scariest one. Once I took him for a ride on my bike, he literally holded me tight and requested to stop immediately” (sic).

“Helmet kidhar hai..dono ka,” commented another user.

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