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Bride, groom ride makeshift boat to reach home after wedding as lone road gets broken by floodwaters



PATNA: The continuing floods in Bihar have left peculiar scenes on display even as they have brought untold miseries to thousands of people.

One such interesting scene was on display in Forbesganj block of Araria district on Sunday when a newly-wed couple was compelled to discard their flower-bedecked car and jump atop a makeshift boat to reach their home from the wedding venue.

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The couple was going home by the car after marriage when they suddenly found the route leading to their homes submerged in floodwater.

With no alternative in sight, the groom family members arranged a few drums, tied them with bamboo logs and made a makeshift boat to let the couple reach home safely.

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TV footages showed the couple jumping onto the makeshift boat and groom family members escorting the boat through the waist-deep water to let the couple reach home safely.

“We had no other alternative left after waters flooding our lone road. So we had to make makeshift boat,” said a groom family member adding they had to face similar situation every year during the rainy season.

Another interesting scene was noticed in Sitamarhi district, the other Bihar district reeling under flood, where a villager was seen carrying his calf in his lap as the waters had flooded his home.

At least six districts are badly affected by floods in Bihar right now, prompting the authorities to launch rescue and relief operations.

What is strange, several districts of Bihar had been facing severe heat waves barely a fortnight back, killing over 100 villagers.

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