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Birthday cake saves brothers from being killed by leopard


Two brothers repulsed a deadly attack from a leopard in India by throwing two-bound birthday cake on the animal as it chased their motorbike on the village path.

The bizarre incident took place in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh earlier this week.

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The brothers identified as Firoz Mansuri and Sabir were returning home on bike carrying the birthday cake when a leopard suddenly leapt out of the sugarcane filed and gave them a chase, the local media reported.

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Reports said the man driving the bike picked up the speed to escape attack but the animal came close to him and hit its paws on the cake box.

As a last option, the man threw the cake on leopard’s face and that worked wonders! Apparently not liking the sweet taste of the cake, the leopard gave up its chase and returned as the brothers heaved a sigh of relief.

“The leopard had followed us for over 500 metres before it gave up. We narrowly escaped death,” Sabir told the local media.

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