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Bihar’s conjoined sisters jump over physical barriers, hot weather to cast votes

The twin sisters joined at the head are residents of Patna in Bihar state


PATNA: Twin sisters of Bihar joined at the head since birth on Sunday jumped over their physical barriers to reach the polling station and cast their votes.

Sabah and Farah, the best-known conjoined twins, are residents of Samanpura locality in Patna, capital of Bihar state.

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Holding voter I-cards in hands, the Siamese twins went inside the booth and cast their votes separately. During the last 2015 assembly elections, their vote was counted as one only.

“They have different minds and different opinions though joined at head together. So we decided to issue them separate voter I-cards this time,” Patna district magistrate Kumar Ravi told the local media.

Another reason why the conjoined twins were issued separate I-cards, official explained, was that they are conjoined in such a way that their heads are turned in opposite direction and can’t see each casting their vote.

“Each vote is precious for the country and so we will vote. We have already decided about the candidate we will be voting for,” Sabah and Farah had told the media on Saturday.

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The twin sisters have a common blood drainage system for their brains and also only one of them has kidney. Farah’s kidneys are of great help to Saba who has no kidney.

Yet another interesting thing about them is that the twins have entirely different behavior, habits and tastes.

If Sabah, in normal times, loves eating cooked rice, Farah prefers bread. If one sleeps, the other is awake. One falls sick, the other does not.

The twins came into limelight 10 years back when the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi offered them financial support for their surgery after seeing their appalling photographs in newspapers.

Subsequently, their case was examined at a Delhi Hospital by a US Neurosurgeon Dr Benjamin Carson, director of paediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins children centre in Baltimore.

After examining their case way back in April 2005, Dr Carson had expressed hope of a successful surgical operation to separate the twin sisters but the family rejected the surgery offer apprehending they may not survive.

As of now, they lie bed-ridden at their home with their father taking all care of his twin daughters with a petty income coming from a small tea stall.

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