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Covid-19: Mother refuses to open door for son after he straightway rushes home on return from Mumbai


PATNA—Villagers in Bihar have gone extra careful to fight off deadly Coronavirus.

A woman in Bihar didn’t open the door for her son despite repeated requests. Her son had returned from Mumbai after much difficulty. He worked as a worker in a factory.

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The youth reached his home in Munger on Tuesday and straightway rushed to his house.

On hearing the knocks on the door, her mother came out. From the window, she saw her son waiting for the door to be opened but she advised him to first report to the local quarantine centre.

The youth made repeated appeals to open the door and even sat outside the gate but his mother didn’t relent.

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In Muzaffarpur, a woman had not allowed her husband to enter home a couple of days back.

The man worked who hailed from Mushari village worked in Kolkata but got stuck there due to lockdown.

On Monday he returned home from train and straightway rushed to his home but his wife advised him to stay at the quarantine centre for 14 days.

He made repeated appeals for entry but she remained firm on her stand. The man then reported to the local quarantine centre but the very next day, he was found hanging from tree.

A total of 640,399 migrant workers were staying at altogether 8,661 quarantine centres running across the state till May 20, according to an official report.

Covid-19 cases have reached 1,881 in Bihar with as many as 274 people being tested positive in the past 24 hours. The disease has also claimed 10 lives so far.

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