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Bihar residents watch Mount Everest from their homes as lockdown brings pollution level much down


PATNA—People in Bihar have gone ecstatic after watching snow-capped Mount Everest from their homes.

Residents from Sitamarhi, a Bihar town bordering Nepal, are thrilled after watching the Himalyan peaks from the roof of their homes without using any binoculars. They are clicking photographs and making video of the scenes visible from their homes.

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The villagers say this has happened for the first time after many decades. Mount Everest in Nepal is more than 200 km from Sitamarhi.

“When people of Singhwahini village, Bihar saw Everest from their own houses. They say this happened after decades,” tweeted Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan on Tuesday.

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According to environmentalists, the Mount Everest is visible from naked eyes as the pollution level has come sharply down due to suspension of all transport services for the past 40 days as a result of lockdown to check corona spread.

“We are very thrilled to see Mount Everest from my homes,” said 75-year-old Ram Babu Prasad.

“We used to see the snow-capped peak till 70’s but they vanished from our eyes due to high level of air pollution later,” he added.

All kinds of transport services, such as train, buses, bikes, aeroplanes remain suspended in India since March 25. This has cleaned the air, bringing the pollution level much down.

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