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Bihar police officer who sought Rs10 lakh bribe from Lebanese national fired

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PATNA: The police department in Bihar has dismissed a senior official after he demanded bribe from a Lebanese national Fadi Fadel who strayed into Indian territory by mistake and was taken into custody.

As per reports, the cop in question Vijay Kumar Gupta had even declared Fadi as a “terrorist” and sent him to jail after he failed to cough up Rs1 million as bribe. The victim had to remain in jail for 13 months for no faults of his own.

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“Gupta not only asked for money to release the Lebanese national but also tortured him during the police custody to pressurize his family members get the bribe money,” deputy inspector general of police, Muzaffarpur, Anil Kumar Singh told the media today.

The action was taken against the cop after an internal police inquiry found him guilty of seeking bribe from the foreign national and misusing his power to torture an innocent person. Gupta was posted with the Town police station Sitamarhi district when he arrested the Lebanese national.

Authorities said the Lebanese national had come to help the victims of devastating 2014 Nepal quake when he strayed into the Indian territory by mistake and was arrested by the cop in question in July 2016.

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Some local villagers noticed him loitering along the border in Sitamarhi district which borders Nepal and informed the local police. However, the said cop allegedly declared him as a “terrorist” and sent him to jail after he failed to cough Rs 1 million as bribe.

“He (Fadi) had to go to Tanakpur (neighbouring Uttar Pradesh) for extension of his visa but by mistake, he came to Janakpur (in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district) from where he was arrested,” the police official Singh said. He remained in jail for over a year until he was granted bail by the Patna High Court on July 24, last year.

However, instead of returning back to his homeland, he decided to stay in India to prove his innocence and also punish the cop which spoiled his image. His fight for justice finally bore fruits earlier this week when the corrupt cop was thrown out of job after all charges against him were proved true.

“The police demanded bribe to help me go back, otherwise they’ll send me to jail. They wanted to make trouble for me. They put in more laws from the Indian Penal Code to trouble me,” was how Fadel had told the media after getting bail from the court last year. He added he came to India by mistake but landed in trouble he had never expected so.

Featured image caption: Lebanese national Fadi Fadel

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  1. sam widergren says

    Fadi fadel is not and innocent person at all! Myself and many others were robbed lied to and cond by this sad excuse for a man. He absolutley was trying to flee from nepal after over staying his visa by 3 months on a motorcycle that was not his. He didnt accidentally cross into india he was continueing is con else where, leaving thousands and thousands unpaid at guest houses resteraunts and rentals. 2500 usd was taken from me along with sentimental items and my trust in people. Lake breeze guest house was owed over 1000 usd. A guest house was in KTM was owed over 3500 usd, and these are only what we found out about, let alone all the other travelers that were swindeled. We also found that before he came to nepal there was close to 100,000 usd stolen from people in dubai 50 thousand of it being a dowery for a wedding that he got some pour girl to believe he was gonna marry her.

    To say the least, this asshole should have been torchered and left in there a decade. The amount of people and families this guy took advantage of is sickening.

    He got only a small piece of his karma and anyone who knows him be very weary and make sure to tell others that may trust or like the guy, to seperate themselves immediatley. It was unbelievable how nice and brotherely this fadi was to many of us it was more than a shock when we found all of these things out. Stop this man, run him over push him off a building or something because this guy surely isnt goiing to slow down.

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