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Bihar lawyer files case against Chinese president Jinping for ‘spreading’ Corona virus in world


PATNA—A Bihar lawyer has filed a case against Chinese president Xi Jinping for “spreading” the deadly Corona virus across the world which has claimed over 6,000 lives so far.

The case was filed in the Muzaffarpur district court by lawyer Sudhir Kumar Ojha on Monday. The matter has been posted for hearing on April 11.

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“A conspiracy has been propagated by China by allowing the spread of Coronavirus on a pandemic scale. We have filed a case against Chinese President Xi Jinping and state ambassador Sun Weidong in the Muzaffarpur court,” lawyer Ojha told news agency ANI on Monday.

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“I have accused that in 1981 itself a book which was published had claimed that China is secretly creating this (virus) and will be deployed into the world to display its power,” the lawyer was further quoted as telling the news agency.

According to a report of health department, the corona virus (COPID-19) classified as pandemic by WHO has affected 148 countries so far, killing 6,513 people

In India, 110 confirmed cases have been reported till now. Till date, 274 passengers who have returned from corona affected countries after 15 Jan 2020 have been identified by State Surveillance system and kept under home quarantine but no confirmed case has been detected.

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