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Bihar government to confiscate ill-gotten wealth of 21 corrupt officials


PATNA: The state government in Bihar has announced to confiscate the property of 21 corrupt officials who earned huge wealth through alleged fraudulent means.

The accused officials include District Transport Officers, District Welfare Officers, Sub-Divisional Officers, revenue officials, assistant engineers, district managers, Mukhiyas, police inspectors, clerks and teachers.

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They all were caught by the vigilance sleuths for having made huge money.

According to a report from Vigilance department, quite many of the corrupt officials have procured land plots and flats in prominent Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Goa.

All these corrupt officials were caught by the Vigilance sleuths during the past 10 months.


Name                                   Post                                       Ill-gotten wealth

Sunil Kumar                        revenue officer                    Rs73,91,667

Bhola Giri                            marketing officer                 Rs87,52,267

Lalan Kumar                       assistant engineer               Rs80, 54,770

Ram Vakil Pandey             district manager                  Rs1,10,07,763

Suresh Paswan                   Mukhia                                 Rs28,45,326

Animesh Kumar                 DTO                                      Rs82,84,001

Vikram Kumar Jha            DCO                                      Rs83,16,230

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Annad Kumar                     DWO                                     Rs1,44,63,709

Manager pandey                Mukhia                                 Rs99,57,615

Ranjit Kumar                      PACS chairman                   Rs1,69,08,509

Chandrabhushan Ojha      clerk                                       Rs1,23,03,705

Shrawan Kumar                 DCO                                       Rs96,09,430

Brajesh Kumar                   DCO                                      Rs71,24,043

Ramnaresh Rai                   PSS                                       Rs46,22,330

Ramesh Chandra Pd          DWO                                     Rs62,03,716

Ghulam Mustafa                 SDO                                      Rs87,42,467

Dharmendra Kumar           clerk                                     Rs20,83,625

Omprakash Manjhi            engineer                               Rs1,16,98,070

Rajiv Nayan                         inspector                             Rs93,75,494

Mahendra Pd Yadav          inspector                             Rs69,62,329

Ganga Pd Yadav                 teacher                                Rs1,05,50,901

Total amount to be confiscated: Rs18,54,57,867

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