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Bihar goes Gujarat way, imposes total ban on alcohol with immediate effect


PATNA: The Nitish Kumar government in Bihar today imposed a total ban on sale and consumption of all kinds of liquors in the state whether country-made or foreign.

With the ban order coming into force with immediate effect, Bihar becomes the fourth state in the country after Gujarat, Nagaland and Mizoram to go totally dry.

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From now on, no any variety of liquor will be available anywhere in Bihar, including hotels, bars and clubs. However, the Army canteens in the state will continue to sell alcohol as earlier.

The blanket ban on liquor comes barely four days after the government enforced partial ban by banning sale and consumption of country made and spiced liquor but allowing the Indian Made Foreign Liquor to be sold from some outlets in the town areas.

“We were forced to impose total ban on manufacturing, sale and consumption of liquor after seeing the huge protests by the masses, especially women folk, not even allowing the foreign liquor to be sold and shutting down their shops at some places,” Bihar chief minister told the media after holding a meeting of his Cabinet which decided to impellent total prohibition in the state.

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“What can be the better atmosphere than this one when the people are not allowing the foreign liquor shops to open?” wondered Kumar, saluting the women force, adding total prohibition had now turned into a “social revolution” in the state.

“I can’t express my feelings while implementing the total ban. Now, I am sure the money being spent on purchase of liquor will be spent used for proper upkeep, education and health of the family members,” Kumar added.

With the ban, Bihar is set to lose a huge revenue of around Rs 40 billion every year but the government said it was hardly bothered.

“For us, a healthy and peaceful society is more important than earning revenues,” explained the CM.

Image Caption: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar briefing newsmen about his government’s decision to impose total prohibition in the state.

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