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Bihar farmer runs tractor on cauliflower fields unable to get cost price


PATNA—A farmer in Bihar ran tractor in his vegetable field with blooming cauliflower plantation, angry at the vegetable not getting even the cost price in the market.

Om Prakash Yadav, a farmer from Muktapur village in Samastipur district destroyed his cauliflower crops by running tractor over the lush green field on Tuesday.

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In a video which has gone viral, the farmer can be seen angrily running the tractor from one corner to another until they were completely uprooted and buried under the soil.

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“I had invested Rs4 lakh (Rs0.4 million) for cauliflower plantation after taking loan but people are not ready to buy even RsOne a piece. So, what would I do to them?” Yadav told the media on Tuesday.

Yadav had planted the vegetable in 1.80 acres of land and claims to have suffered huge loss in the business.

“Destroying the crops which I grew with my own hand is my compulsion. None is ready to buy my vegetable even for Re1 a piece,” he said.

“This is enough to tell you why farmers are committing suicides now,” he added.

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